Saturday, August 7, 2010

Porfiria - Funeral For Two (2003)

*Artist: Porfiria
*Release Name: Funeral For Two
*Release Type: Full-lenght
*Release Year: 2003
*Genre: Experimental Death/Doom Metal
*Country: Serbia (Sonta/Novi Sad)
*File Size: 82,8 MB
*Web: MySpace

1.Indulgence In Darkness
2.Motorna Testera
3.I Dreamt Thy Face
4.Stvoreno Iz Smrti
5.Nedovoljno Natprirodna
6.The Maze
7.Like Forever Dead
8.The Mystical Past Comes Alive
9.This Melodic Fiction
10.Muvo, Pogledaj
11.Smrt Na Vesalima
13.Insanity In Hell
14.Cleanse The World
15.Bloody Fog
16.When Flesh Reach The Ashes
17.Prisoners Of The Damned (M.A.D. Cover)
18.Ubica Se Posek'o
19.Ancient, Behold My Mistery
20.Poslednji Pozdrav


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