Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bil Ur-Sag - Rehearsal (05-2008)

*Artist: Bil Ur-Sag
*Release Name: Rehearsal 05-2008
*Release Type: Rehearsal
*Release Year:
*Genre: Black Metal /Death Metal
*Country: Serbia (Novi Sad)
*File Size: 48,2 MB
*Web: MySpace

1.Dweller of the Deep (Excerpt)
2.Dweller of the Deep (Take 01)
3.Lord of Chaos (Take 01)
4.Praes Praecis (Take 01)
5.Ballad (Take 01)
6.Dweller of the Deep (Take 02)
7. Lord of Chaos (Take 02)
8.Praes Praecis (Take 02)
9. Ballad (Take 02)
10.The New Breed Arrives (Excerpt)


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