Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pathological Splatter - Theatre of Blood (2002)

*Artist: Pathological Splatter
*Release Name: Theatre of Blood
*Release Type: Full-lenght
*Release Year: 2002
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: Serbia (Novi Sad/Sonta/Sid)
*File Size: 76,7 MB
*Web: MySpace

1.Intro M.S. - Man Slaughter
2.Aggressive Suicide (Tentamen Suicidii)
3.Tenton Killing Machine (Satisfying Pathological Dismemberment)
4.Fallen Child In Rot And Gore
5.A New Form Of Hell
6.Baptized From Surgery Hand
7.Alone In The Dark - Cardiomasturbation
8.Vision Conquered Mind - Mary Wept
9.Death’s Embrace
10.Vomit Through Navel - Deadly Dynamics
12.Speared (To My Beloved.)
13.Celestial Waste/Death Certificate
14.Suicidal Bloodbath


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