Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Emir Hot (& Dean Clea) - The Quarterworlds Of Fantasia (2008)

*Artist: Emir Hot & Dean Clea
*Release Name: The Quarterworlds Of Fantasia
*Release Type: Full-length
*Release Year: 2008
*Genre: Progressive/Power Metal, Shred
*Country: Emir Hot (BiH - Tuzla), Dean Clea (Croatia - Split)
*File Size: cca. 190 MB
*Web: Emir Hot MySpace , Dean Clea MySpace

1.The Beginning...
2.Welcome to the World Beyond ( instrumental )
3.The Palace of Remembrance
4.At the Place Where Angels Dare to Live ( instrumental )
5.Garden of Forevermore
6.The Fruits of the Life Eternal ( instrumental )
7.From Oblivion and Into the Blue
8.Under Open Skies ( instrumental )
9.Sentinels of Perfect Harmony
10.The Game of Sunlight and Moonlight ( instrumental )
11.And the Spirit Carries On
12.House of Stargods ( instrumental )
13.Isle of Wonder
14.Sea of Tranquility ( instrumental )
15.Eldritch and The Song
16.The Transcendence River ( instrumental )
17.Whisper of the Waves
18.Lake of the Zillion Smilies ( instrumental )
19.Quest for Eternity
20.Fountain of Youth ( instrumental )
21.Where Future and Past Glaze Together
22.The Gallery of Illusions ( instrumental )
23.The Cradle of the Elves' Nation
24.Waterfalls of Fantasia ( instrumental )
25.Follow Your Heart or ...And the Story Ends


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