Saturday, May 16, 2009

Masque of Betrayal - Demo (2007)

*Artist: Masque of Betrayal
*Release Name: Demo
*Release Type: Demo
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Melodic/Progressive Death Metal
*Country: Serbia (Kula/Novi Sad)
*Size: 25,9 MB
*Web: MySpace

2.Masque of Betrayal
3. Death
4.Deep Red Glow


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  1. They told about Masque of Betrayal :" Masque of Betrayal is a melodic progressive death metal sextet
    from the Balkan state of Serbia. The band is in a process of recording
    new demo material. In the days of preparations to this interview I
    discovered more how great this unit is. Their music is so intense and
    filled with energy that you feel like blown away. I urge anyone to read
    this interview carefully and give this young & productive band a
    chance to prove what they are capable of. You won’t be disappointed. "
    - Metal Revolution Webzine intro to interview" This band manages to take metal to a level that is rarely
    heard in this genre. This band is called "Masque of Betrayal". This
    kind of musical expertise and adventurism only grows from a garden
    nourished by serious minded musicians. Band "Masque of Betrayal" has
    found the perfect balance between the commercial aspects of heavy metal
    music and the ability to gain respect from the musical community as a
    whole. And that is hard to find during a time when so many metal bands
    are made of plastic."
    - article "The Spotlight Zone" from" Take some deep gritty guitars add some steady pounding drums,
    bass, garnish with some keyboards and some rasping vocals then mix
    together with some black/death metal elements and almost Opeth
    sounding progressions. Thats what Masque of Betrayal song will offer
    you, and it will deliver it in style."